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Get this out-of-this-world Halloween hair look

Inspired by extraterrestrial vibes, hairstylist Mischa G achieved this out-of-this-world Halloween hair look using amika.


video credit: Brinsley Edwards 


Get the Look
by hairstylist Mischa G

1. Apply Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray into the hair and dry using The Accomplice Dryer—directing the hair away from the hairline toward the middle of the head.

2. Take a small section from the crown of the head, create a ponytail and tie with an elastic. Make a quick three strand braid and then insert a bobby pin into the braid to hold itself upright.

3. Use two Donut Bun Fillers and stack them on top of one another through the upright braid, and secure with bobby pins.

4. Starting with the back sections, take segments of hair starting with the hair closest to the donuts, and back comb.

5. Using the donuts as the base structure, spread the backcombed hair on the donut and secure with Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray. As you move forward towards the hairline, do not backcomb the front sections as much to create a smoother surface.

6. Once the shape is created, spray the entire look with Fluxus Touchable Hairspray.

7. Using three scarves, tie three separate sections throughout the style—tight along the hairline, one in the middle of the shape and one at the top.

8. Once the sections are tied off, use The Accomplice Dryer to quickly set the hairspray.

9. Remove the scarves to reveal grooves and indentations. Use a 1" curler and lightly press into hair to further secure the grooves.

10. Finish the look with a few more sprays of hairspray to lock the style in place and apply loose glitter to add dimension, shine and extraterrestrial vibes.


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