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amika x 4ocean: making waves for a cleaner planet

4Ocean x amika
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Jacqueline Aldana
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as a friend to all hair and a proud pal to the planet, we’re continuously seeking out ways to reduce our environmental impact and make more sustainable choices. our latest endeavor? becoming a certified cleanup partner of 4Ocean, a (fellow B Corp!) organization that shares our commitment to a cleaner, greener tomorrow. 4Ocean is dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis and creating a future where humanity grows alongside nature—not at its expense. our partnership will help clean more than 100,000 pounds of plastic from oceans, rivers, and coastlines around the world.

“we're excited to partner with amika in our commitment to a cleaner ocean," says Alex Schulze, CEO of 4Ocean. "amika's dedication as a sustainable haircare company aligns seamlessly with our values. this collaboration is a powerful step towards a greener future, making a real impact on our environment. our joint initiative extends beyond the removal of ocean waste; it's about setting a precedent for industry-wide collaboration and responsible business practices. we thank amika for joining us on this vital mission."

“by partnering with 4Ocean, we are amplifying our commitment to environmental responsibility. at amika, we believe in the power of community and collective action to drive positive change, and this partnership is a significant step in our journey to make a tangible impact and protect our planet’s most vital ecosystem,” said Chelsea Riggs, CEO of amika.

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why does amika feel it is important to tackle plastic waste in the environment?

to give us a better understanding of all that goes into this vital mission, we tapped Jamie Richards, amika’s very own sustainability specialist and head of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance). here’s what Jamie had to say about this exciting partnership:

Jamie: plastic is abundant, simple fact, and we use it in our own packaging (even if it’s recyclable PCR!) but we know that there are many areas in the world with disproportionate plastic pollution. believe it or not, this pollution is not usually from manufacturing sites, it’s typically coming from ocean current circulation or lack of recycling infrastructure, but no matter how it got there, it’s there. amika has the means to help alleviate even a small percentage of this problem, so we are. we simply feel like it’s our responsibility to do so.

what made 4Ocean the ideal partner for amika?

Jamie: 4Oceans is a certified cleanup partner which means the proof is the pudding sort of mantra. truth be told, we found them to be the ideal partner because not only does 4Oceans help cleanup oceans, but they provide continued economic viability to the cleanup area. 4Oceans pay fishermen salaries to fish for plastic since they can no longer traditionally fish for fish, but no matter how much plastic they pull, even if it’s nothing, they still receive a salary. this combination of environment and social support is something we always look for in our sustainability partnerships, you cannot have one without the other.

what steps is amika taking to keep our own packaging from winding up in the environment?

Jamie: we have incorporated high volumes of PCR or post-consumer recycled plastic into the entirety of our plastic packaging. PCR takes plastic that has already been in the supply chain and melts it down so it can be used again, and again, and again! it requires much less energy compared to virgin plastics and diverts waste from landfills. our packaging ranges from 50% to 90% PCR and we are always actively working to increase this percentage.

what are amika’s ESG goals and partnerships?

Jamie: I always struggle to answer this question because while we have to have goals, the main goal is to fully integrate ESG into the entirety of our business.we have done an excellent job thus far and have truthfully integrated these business considerations across our entire value chain.

we do a lot, so one of our main ESG goals is to successfully communicate all that we are doing in a relatable way. we account for all our emissions, from ingredients to emails, responsibly source ingredients, optimize packaging, reach net zero by 2035, and we build strategic partnerships that align with our own mission.

posted: 02/08/2024last modified: 02/08/2024