Image of sea buckthorn berries floating within a drop of sea buckthorn oil against a cream background.

meet your superfruit soulmate

we've infused every single formula with our signature ingredient, sea buckthorn.
Image of full-size soulfood mask with lid open featuring sea buckthorn berries beside it.

sea buckthorn-powered haircare

known as 1 of earth's most potent, omega-rich plant sources, this superfruit berry nourishes strands, scalp + skin. sea buckthorn works to restore lipids in the hair to help increase shine, manageability, softness + strength—which is why we infuse it into every formula.

sea buckthorn is the solution

Image of sea buckthorn berry in the center of a droplet.
what are lipids?
lipids help to make up the foundation of the hair structure and are crucial to protecting strands against damage + moisture loss.
Image of red-haired model washing their hair.
why replenish lipids?
daily washing, UV exposure + chemical treatments can cause a loss of lipids in the hair structure which can lead to damage + unwanted frizz. no thanks.
Image of red-haired model with styled hair
how does sea buckthorn help?
our signature superfruit is packed with free fatty acids (lipids!), plus it's 70x stronger than vitamin C + has 3x more vitamin A than a carrot. talk about a powerhouse.
Image of hand holding a piece of sea buckthorn.

a responsibly-sourced superfruit

as proud pals to the planet, we sustainably source our sea buckthorn from a socially + environmentally-responsible, certified organic farm, Puredia, on the Tibetan Plateau in western China.
Image of two people walking through a green field. The two individuals' have baskets on their back filled with sea buckthorn.
sustainable sourcing
our pollution-free superfruit is harvested in a certified organic farm, where pesticides + plastic are prohibited. every farmer is trained in sustainable harvesting methods in harmony with the natural cycle.
Image of sea buckthorn berries growing on a branch.
social responsibility
Puredia, where we source our superfruit, has donated $1 million dollars to the Sea Buckthorn Fund for Poverty Alleviation to provide education to local children + boost ecotourism to encourage community engagement + preservation of biodiversity.
Image of jumbo wizard detangling primer (11.8 oz) and standard retail size wizard (8 oz) side-by-side with pieces of sea buckthorn floating down.

meet the wizard, one of our favorite superfruit heroes

this lipid-replenishing, sea buckthorn-powered priming mist preps all hair types, protects against 450°F + nourishes for silky, shiny strands.

formulas nourished by our superfruit soul