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what is hair porosity? your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture

what is hair porosity?

What is hair porosity? How do you find out what type of porosity you have? Why is this important information to know, and how does it affect your haircare routine?
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hydro rush shampoo and conditioner and the kure shampoo and conditioner

how to tell if your hair is dry or damaged

Your strand symptoms: brittle, dull, hay-like hair. The diagnosis: here’s where it gets tricky...your hair could be dry, damaged, or both.
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hair masking 101

Hair masks are deep conditioners. Hair masks are to your limp, tired tresses what a deep-tissue massage is to your weary muscles.
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what is hair zoning?

The idea of hair zoning is that there are different “zones” of your scalp and hair that have different needs.
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