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everything you wanted to know about sea buckthorn berry

From ideation to product conception, we’ve always had an almost infinite pool of ingredients and technologies to pick from. While some brands may focus on different key ingredients across their product line – here at amika we stand by the sea buckthorn berry. It’s the one ingredient that is in ALL our hair care and styling products. In fact, it’s safe to say - we are obsessed with it.


The orange hued berry is native only to Siberia and part of the Himalayas, where locals believe in the health and beauty boosting benefits of the berry. This antioxidant rich berry has been a part of amika’s DNA from the get-go when our Russian co-founder and creative director first introduced the team to the fruit. From her childhood experiences, she knows a thing or two about the incredible powers of the berry, which is a staple in every household medicine cabinet and frequently used for its many powers.


Feed your hair with sea buckthorn berry – here’s what makes it so special:

+ more than 190 biologically active compounds - amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, lipids + antioxidants

+ 15x more vitamin C than an orange

+ 3x more vitamin A than a carrot

+ source of the elusive omega-7 fatty acid, usually only found in fish oil

+ under-the-radar source of omega-3, 6, + 9

+ nourishes the body’s cells to protect both hair and skin against free radical damage

+ delays the natural aging process


This superfruit offers many reparative properties to keep hair both shiny and smooth. Active compounds in the sea buckthorn berry work to strengthen the overall structure of one’s locks - that’s why we’ve made it an essential part of all our products.

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