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how to easily recycle your amika empties and a be a friend to the planet

products to recycle with terracycle
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Becca King
Community Manager

Being a friend to the environment, it is our responsibility to make more sustainable choices for the future of our planet. We are always striving to go cleaner, greener, and to have an overall reduced impact on the environment. After all, we are a friend to hair, hairstylists, to people, the planet, and YOU, which is why we launched our partnership with TerraCycle™ last year, so our friends can recycle their empties!

Not-so-fun fact: 80% of the 35 million tons of plastic the us produces each year ends up in landfills or oceans... Stats like these just don’t sit right with us! We’re committed to reducing our virgin plastic use and hope our friends will help us get there.

how it works

  • Save up your amika empties
  • Join our program
  • Print your shipping label
  • Drop-off at a UPS near you

Send empties in any package & we’ll take care of the rest! 

Fun fact: amika products are mostly turned into outdoor composite-lumber based products like playgrounds + community garden beds!

which amika products are recyclable?

Any packaging not in aerosol form (unfortunately no hair sprays or dry shampoo at this time) is able to be recycled.

a real life example

To see TerraCycle™ in action, we interviewed one of our own, Director of Public Relations – Lindsey Adams Franke to hear about her experience recycling her empties! 

"My goal is to save up my empties and send a package to TerraCycle™ twice per year. I have been saving my collection of empties since amika first launched our partnership with TerraCycle™ last Fall and just sent through my first shipment. Needless to say, I amassed quite the collection over the past six months and am really excited for them to receive a second life!

I have been storing my empties in the shipping box that I sent them back in---just a cardboard box. It’s funny, but every time I finish a product, I get a moment of joy knowing that the product will be able to fully recycle it through this program.

I am all about a self-care moment, so the most-used products for me are always treatment focused, like soulfood nourishing mask and flash instant shine mask. I nearly go through a full bottle of both every month. I’ve worked at amika for over eight years and flash instant shine mask is one of my favorite products we’ve ever launched. I am drawn to anything that promises instant results, but the shine and softness this treatment adds to my hair is truly incredible. I also go through jars of soulfood nourishing mask pretty quickly since I use it as my daily conditioner by leaving it in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing. I also use it as a treatment mask by leaving it in for about 30 minutes, but I usually save this for the weekends when I have a bit more time to devote to my routine. I also do not know what I’d do without the wizard detangling primer.

Recycling your amika products is such a seamless process. amika has a dedicated landing page on TerraCycle™'s website────where you will first need to register (don’t worry, registration is a breeze!). TerraCycle™ will then send a pre-paid shipping label directly to your email, which you can then print out and attach to any box with your products. Ship the package via UPS and you’re one step closer to making the planet cleaner and greener."

posted: 04/12/2021last modified: 04/12/2021