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meet the team: how our ecommerce coordinator embraces her Hispanic heritage

Demi Rivera - Ecommerce Coordinator
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Jacqueline Aldana
community manager

For Hispanic heritage month, we heard from a few of our team members and stylists about what their Hispanic heritage means to them.

Today, we'll be spotlighting our very own amika Ecommerce Coordinator, Demi Rivera.

what does Hispanic heritage month mean to you?

"It's a time to celebrate our culture and dig deep into the historic figures often written out of history. It is also a time to celebrate various Hispanic cultures and take the time to appreciate all of our efforts in the arts, STEM and beyond. It's our moment to be proud of who we are instead of disregarded as other." 

what does it mean for you to be Hispanic at HMS (Heat Makes Sense)?

"It means I have a space and an opportunity to show the best parts of my culture by being authentically myself without fear."

how has being Hispanic positively impacted your career?

"By helping me establish a firm moral and ethical sense that helps me figure out if a company is truly right for me as a person, and not just out of convenience." 

what is a tradition your family has passed down to you that you now practice or share?

"Cooking traditional foods every holiday and during celebrations as a family and sharing its significance as a love language with the people I care most about. Celebrating Three Kings Day and sharing its importance with my friends and coworkers." 

what is your relationship with your hair?

"Good! I've taken the time this summer to become comfortable with my curl type. It's definitely improving but it will take time. <3"

what is something you want people to remember about Hispanic heritage?

"We are more than the unfounded dangers that people preach. We have built nations, created tools and equipment that are used across the globe. We have cultivated a community that waistbands the growing sense of diaspora in our changing nation. Listen to our stories and share in our accomplishments." 

posted: 10/15/2021last modified: 10/15/2021