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what is sea buckthorn berry? and how we're sourcing it sustainably

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Becca King
Community Manager

When you look at our ingredient lists, you may notice yourself always coming across “sea buckthorn berry” in some form. If you didn’t already know, sea buckthorn is one of the most potent natural ingredients on the planet. This "superfruit" is one of the few known plant sources of the fatty-acid Omega 7, typically found in fish oil. It’s also rich in Vitamin C and A and contains antioxidants, making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for hair and scalp. So, you can imagine why we chose it as our signature ingredient that’s included in all of our products.

In our mission towards a more sustainable future, we are examining all points of our business, including ingredients. Sea Buckthorn seemed like the place to start since it will impact every product we produce. To source Sea Buckthorn, we are now proudly working with a certified-organic farm located in the Tibetan Plateau that promotes more sustainable harvesting and offers environmental protection measures, while also working to support the local economy. This ensures that every drop is as pure and powerful as possible, while helping to protect and restore the environment. 

a little more about our star ingredient

Native to Siberia and parts of the Himalayas, the Sea Buckthorn faces some of the harshest environmental conditions on Earth and must fortify itself against the elements with an arsenal of powerful nutrients. It contains more than 190 biologically active compounds that nourish the body's cells to protect against free radical damage and the natural aging process – including an unsurpassed source of antioxidants, vitamin C (15x more than an orange), vitamin A (3x more than a carrot), vitamin E, as well as omega-3,6, and 9. It is also a rich source of the elusive omega-7, which is responsible for increasing the synthesis of elastin and collagen. 

Our plans do not stop here as we look to continuously improve our ingredient sourcing, formulations, processing, and packaging to have an overall reduced impact on the environment. We acknowledge that we are in the business of consumption, but we believe we can take necessary steps together with our friends to move towards conscious consumption.

posted: 04/15/2021last modified: 04/15/2021