• do points ever expire?

    Points are valid for 12 months from the date of the last qualifying purchase. Each qualifying purchase will automatically extend the expiration date of all unused points in your account for 12 months from the month of the qualifying purchase. If the account has no qualifying purchase activity within a 12-month period, all points in the account will expire.
  • what is the friends with benefits program?

    The friends with benefits free rewards program lets you earn points on all your product purchases, birthday and other ways to earn! You can then redeem these points for merchandise rewards and discounts on purchases. To sign up for the friends with benefits program, please go to https://www.loveamika.com/pages/friends-with-benefits and follow the prompts.
  • how do i earn points?

    There are many ways to earn. You first earn points by signing up and joining the free friends with benefits program. Points can then be earned by purchasing products. We also give you points for your birthday too!
  • can i earn points if i purchase in retail stores or other sites that carry amika?

    You can only redeem points when purchasing from loveamika.com
  • how do i refer a friend?

    Visit https://loveamika.com/pages/refer and enter your friend's email address to give your friend $10 off on their first order of $59+. You'll get 1,000 points for each successful referral. If you are entering multiple email address to refer, please seperate them by comma.
  • Is the friends with benefits loyalty program applicable to stylists and salons?

    If you are a stylist or salon, please fill out this form to join our salon loyalty program https://loveamika.com/pages/friends-with-benefits-enrollment-form
  • how can i check my points balance?

    To view your current points balance, simply login to your account and select the “my rewards” hyperlink on the left hand navigation of your account page. Your points balance will populate under the “earn points” heading of this page and can also be viewed on the right-hand of the checkout page.
  • what happens to my points when i return items?

    When items are refunded, your points balance will be deducted from the amount.
  • how do i spend my points?

    Login to your account and select the “my rewards” hyperlink on the left hand navigation of your account page and your rewards points will populate. You can choose to redeem for products to add to your order. you can also proceed to the cart page and select the products you’d like to redeem before completing the checkout process. Per order, your subtotal must be $25 in order to redeem. You can add as many rewards as your point balance and tier permits.
  • i can’t login to my account.

    Please reset your password by selecting the "forgot password" link on the account page. We'll send an email to the address on file that will prompt you to reset your password, then sign in as usual! If you're still having issues, please contact us at info@loveamika.com.
  • i performed an action that you reward with points but my points aren’t showing up.

    You must take all the actions to earn via the modal on the friends with benefits landing page for points to automatically register in your account. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your point balance to adjust. If your balance still doesn't look right after this time, please contact us at info@loveamika.com.
  • why is my cart giving me an error when trying to redeem?

    Your cart subtotal per order must be greater than $25 in order to be eligible to redeeem for a product. A maximum of 2 products at a time per order can be redeemed in steady tier. A maxiumum of 3 products at a time per order can be redeemed in committed tier. A maxiumum of 4 products at a time per order can be redeemed in ride or die tier. If you are still receiving an error, please contact us at info@loveamika.com.
  • how often can I earn rewards for leaviing a review?

    earn 250 points for leaving a product review. you can earn this reward once per month. two weeks after you've made a purchase you will receive an email to leave a review.
  • can I merge two or more accounts for rewards?

    no, we cannot merge existing accounts for rewards. when you sign up for account, you're automatically entered into our rewards program.
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