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Let’s go to hair school! During your shampoo and conditioner search, you might come across some recommendations based off curl pattern, porosity, texture, or even density. As your friend, it's our job to help demystify what those exactly mean so you can choose the best wash duo for you. let’s break it down!​

what is curl pattern?

Your curl pattern can be described as: 

  • Straight (1a-1c) - Hair that ranges from straight to having a slight bend.
  • Wavy (2a-2c) - Hair that ranges from a slight wave to tighter waves.
  • curly (3a-3b) - Hair that ranges from loose ringlets to tight ringlets.
  • coily (3c-4c). Hair that ranges from tight curls to tight coils.
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what is porosity?

Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Low porosity hair means the cuticle is closed, so the strand has difficulty absorbing moisture, resulting in dry hair. If you have high porosity hair, it means the cuticle is wide open and more prone to damage. If you don’t know which level of porosity your hair is, put a hair strand in a glass of water – if it floats, it’s low porosity and if it sinks, it’s high porosity.

what is hair texture?

Your hair texture is classified as fine, medium, or coarse. To find out which one you have, take a strand of hair in between your fingers. If it feels like a strong thread, then your hair is coarse. If you can barely feel it, your hair is fine. If you're somewhere in between, it's medium!​

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what is hair density?

Your hair density is how much hair is on your head—usually classified as thin, medium, or thick. To measure, gather your hair into a ponytail and measure the circumference with a piece of ribbon. If the ribbon is less than 2" long, then you have low hair density (thin). If it's longer than 4" you have high hair density (thick). ​

Now that you’ve gone to hair school, check out our ace quiz and find out which hair products are right for you!

posted: 06/07/2023last modified: 06/07/2023