Transition your mane from summer to fall with tousled natural waves and braided buns. Inspired by individuality and optimizing an everyday look, these fall hairstyles were created by amika’s Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond and amika's lead stylist Esther Langham for New York Fashion Week.

NYFW fall hair trends | amika Photo credit: Derek Beck + Corey Ellis


Get the Look
by Esther Langham, lead stylist for amika


1. Create a natural center part and dampen the hair and apply plus size perfect body mousse throughout the hair, including the hairline, for control.

2. Roughly blow-dry hair with the the accomplice compact dryer. For finer hair, apply un.done volume and matte texture spray for added body and texture.

3. Section the hair into 3 segments, with partings from the center part to behind the ear and begin braiding in an overhand style along the front hairline to above the ear. Complete the braid through the ends and secure with an elastic.

4. When both sides are complete, separate the back into 3 sections and create classic braids. To keep the ends clean and to prevent flyaways, apply fluxus touchable hairspray as needed.

5. Fold the braids and secure to the back of the head. Pin the side section braids around the perimeter of the hairline and around the shape on the back of the head.

6. To finish the style, gently soften the side section braids by using your fingers until the desired softness is reached.


NYFW fall hair trends | amika Photo credit: Derek Beck + Corey Ellis


Get the Look
by Naeemah LaFond, amika’s Global Artistic Director


1. Prep hair with perk up dry shampoo to absorb any oil and shine. 

2. Start with a clean center part, without any volume on top.

3. Taking organic sections, prep hair with the shield anti-humidity spray and use the confidante moisture maintenance styler to create a slight bend in the hair, keeping it as natural as possible. 

4. Spray hair with fluxus touchable hairspray to set the waves as you go.

5. Use your fingers to tousle the waves and add definition with first base moisturizing styling cream.

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