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how to keep your blonde cool in summer

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Becca King
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If you’re a summer person, the minute the weather takes a turn for the ‘80s, you’re ready to strip down and head out for a day spent at the beach or by the pool. And that’s all good in well, unless, of course, you have cool blonde hair.

“Between the harsh rays of the hot sun, the stripping chemicals of the pool water, and drying effects of salt water, summertime can be super harsh on cool blonde tones, so make sure you keep those strands protected,” advises amika Pro Educator Jamie Brice. To help your tresses look their best all the way through Labor Day, commit the following five tips to memory.

    1. Use color-safe products. Turn your attention to amika’s Bust Your Brass collection. “Using the Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo ($24) and Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Conditioner ($24) every one to two washes will help to fight against any harsh brassy tones,” Brice explains.
    2. Always keep a leave-in conditioner on-hand. “Before sunbathing [or spending time outdoors in general], you can prep your hair with a nice leave-in, such as Vault Color-Lock Leave-In Conditioner ($25),” Brice suggests. This will help hydrate your hair while warding off any nasty brassy tones. Simply spritz your strands every hour or so and brush it through with a comb or wet brush. For added protection, Brice recommends adding a dime-size dollop of Supernova Blonde Moisture and Shine Cream ($25) to your tresses. “Between the ultraviolet pigment of supernova and the uv filters of Vault, you’ll have the ultimate protection,” she exclaims. 
    3. Braid your hair. Sure, plaits are pretty, but did you know that they’re protective for all hair types, too? That’s because the woven nature of the style keeps strands snug and snag-free, which prevents against breakage. While breakage is separate from cool color fade, there’s no denying that split ends and rough cuticles can make bright colors look dull AF, so listen up.
    4. Use the right hair accessories. Speaking of braiding, when it comes to tying off your ends, steer clear of metal-accented hair ties in favor of smooth, soft alternatives. Our favorites are the Slip Skinnies Scrunchies ($39), as they’ll never pull your hair.
    5. Invest in a cute scarf or sunhat. At the end of the day, the sun’s harmful rays are largely to blame for your cool color fade, so if you don’t want to risk it, instead of solely loading your strands with preventative and reparative products, try covering them up. We love the Eugenia Kim Currently Offline Sun Hat ($495) and Poolside Woven Straw Hat ($150), however if you’re looking for something a touch more affordable, you can’t go wrong with the Funky Junque Embroidered Floppy Sun Hat ($20) either.

    If you prefer the scarf route, check out the Karen Mabon Fancy Dress Dogs Scarf ($70). Supes cute, right?

    By Rebecca Norris, The Strand Contributor

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    posted: 06/13/2019last modified: 06/13/2019