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introducing the amika stylist collective

the stylist collective
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Jacqueline Aldana
Community Manager

we’ve all felt it: that I-can-conquer-the-world confidence when you leave the salon chair. stylists are so much more than strand experts—they’re friends, educators, hairapists, plus a hype squad party of one. as a salon-raised brand, we consult with our stylists on the regular (and wouldn’t be amika w/o ‘em!) but we know that’s not an option for everyone. so, we’re bringing all the perks of a stylist community straight to you.

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introducing the stylist collective: a team of visionaries who are breaking boundaries and flipping hair rules on their head. independently, each one of these super-talented stylists offers their own unique style, diverse background, plus years of industry-leading experience. together, they’re an empowering force that fuels the exciting future of amika artistry and education.

“the stylist collective has been a long time in the making. not only are these artists trailblazers in the industry and within their respective specialties, but each embodies amika's core brand values of sustainability, responsibility, and inclusivity,” says CEO, Chelsea Riggs. “we couldn't be more excited to partner with these elite stylists to bring best-in-class professional education to our community. expect to see much more from this incredible group of artists in 2024 and beyond.” 

meet the stylists

Eric Vaughn

based in: Houston, TX

his story: Salon owner and hair aficionado, Eric is famous for his ability to blend modern and classic styles through cuts, color, and extensions. 

amika fave: “this is the easiest question in the favorite amika product is perk up dry shampoo! it truly is the best dry shampoo and can make my 10-day dirty hair look fresh and new.”

follow Eric’s journey: @realericvaughn

Yene Damtew

based in: Washington D.C. 

her story: Yene is an Ethiopian American salon owner and hairstylist, with nearly two decades in the industry. she's driven by a passion for making a lasting impact through her holistic approach to beauty—blending business, education, and hairstyling. 

amika faves: “my personal favorites are soulfood nourishing mask and the shield anti-humidity spray. regardless of the way I style my clients’ hair from a natural twist out or beautiful blowout, these products are my go-tos.” 

follow Yene’s journey: @yenedamtew

Jes Jewel

based in: Los Angeles, CA 

her story: Jes is a talented queer color specialist and celebrity stylist at the award-winning Butterfly Loft Salon in LA. she is best known for creating hand-painted buzzcuts and her popular styling content. 

amika fave: “my current favorite is dream routine overnight hydration treatment—truly a game changer!” 

follow Jes’ journey: @thejewjewel

Pekela Riley

based in: Jacksonville, FL

her story: Pekela is an award-winning stylist, advocate, salon owner and educator shaping the fashion-, beauty-, and texture-verse. her innovative approach to textured hair shines through in her editorial work and with her celebrity clientele. 

amika fave: "I love the amika perk up dry shampoo as a must-have style saver. it is a perfect solution for refreshing greasy hair without the need for water. a total fresh do look.”

follow Pekela’s journey: @pekelariley

Sal Salcedo

based in: Los Angeles, CA

his story: originally from Mexico, Sal has made a name for himself working with celebrities and creating iconic hairstyles with more than two decades of industry experience. 

amika fave: "while at camp amika, I loved using un.done volume and matte texture spray for adding volume and that effortless vibe to any hairstyle—and the wizard detangling primer helps craft the ideal canvas for styling magic.” 

follow Sal’s journey: @salsalhair

posted: 01/08/2024last modified: 01/08/2024