meet NEW perk up ultra dry shampoo for extra oily scalps

perk up ultra dry shampoo
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Jacqueline Aldana
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calling all oily scalps! dial up hair’s highest potential with NEW perk up ultra dry shampoo—a powerful new formula created for extra oily scalps that need oil control on speed dial between daily washes. in fact, it’s clinically proven to remove more oil than our traditional dry shampoo!* if you’re a fan of our original, bestselling perk up dry shampoo, but need to dial it up, please hold for serious oil control.

*when compared to our traditional perk up dry shampoo.

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perk up ultra dry shampoo before and after

hang up on excess oil

introducing NEW perk up ultra dry shampoo, your extra-oily scalps’ solution for a powerful clean between daily (or every other day) washes. this clinically proven* formula delivers off-the-hook freshness with a dry, refreshing feel + finish for that ‘just washed my hair’ feeling. in fact, 87% said that perk up ultra helps control oil.**

your perfect perk up is calling…

  • stay on the line if: your scalp + roots are oily, even just 1 day after washing.
  • you wash your hair daily (or every other day).
  • you find it difficult to manage + style hair due to your oily scalp, roots + strands.

put perk up ultra on speed dial if you’re calling for:

  • clinically proven oil removal**
  • an oily roots + scalp refresh
  • when you’re ready to give greasy hair the busy signal
  • a dry feel + finish

*clinically tested.

*based on feedback from a 2 week survey with 66 participants.

perk up ultra dry shampoo ingredients

talk-of-the-town ingredients

perk up ultra oil control dry shampoo powerfully refreshes + revitalizes oily strands, courtesy of root-friendly ingredients for a cleaner you…without washing your hair. these ingredients go the (long) distance:

tapioca starch: refreshes roots + absorbs oil from the scalp.

sea buckthorn: our signature ingredient that’s loaded with vitamin C, A, fatty acid omega 7 + antioxidants making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for hair and scalp.

bamboo stem extract: absorbs sweat + sebum while removing odor from the hair + scalp.

model holding perk up ultra dry shampoo

you asked, we listened

our community is at the heart of all things amika, which is why we created this formula just for you! our phones have been ringing off the hook for a supercharged solution for extra, extra oily scalps. we heard you, and we’re calling you back with an extra-strength formula designed to refresh + revitalize even the oiliest of scalps for the ultimate clean feeling. when your oily-scalped friends call, you pick up. we don’t make the rules.

perk up ultra dry shampoo

part. flip. spray. blend.

we formulated perk up ultra dry shampoo with tapioca starch—think of common starches you cook with like cornstarch—these white powdery substances, when mixed with oil, latch on to oily substances to help absorb oil + disappear. after spraying perk up ultra into roots, watch the white cast appear + absorb oil + then brush to blend, making oil and any white cast vanish. it’s kind of like magic, don’t you think?


TLDR; white cast = the formula’s ingredients at work. just brush to blend + watch oil disappear!

posted: 04/22/2024last modified: 04/22/2024