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NEW kure collection spotlight: how to fix damaged hair

Here at amika, we are a friend to all. A friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, them and you. We create products to solve your hair concerns. Our assortment includes 10 collections that cater to every type of hair – no matter ethnicity, age, or gender. All hair is welcome. To help you get to know our products a little better, we are starting a series on The Strand where we highlight a selection of our 10 collections- who they are for, how to fit these products into your routine, and what results you can expect. We’re hoping to shed a little more light on how to pick products that best suit your hair type. But don’t forget, never be afraid to mix and match collections for your specific needs and concerns! All right, here we go! 

You may have known the kure collection before, but never like this! Our repair collection has gone through a major glow up and is here to rescue your strands with bond cure technology.  

who is this collection for?

Dry, damaged hair? We have the kure. Our revamped repair line is here to rescue your strands from everyday heat, environmental stressors, chemical treatments, and more. This collection is ideal for those with damaged or chemically-treated hair​ and for those looking to reduce breakage and strengthen hair. Packed with bond cure technology, plant butters, and vegan proteins, the kure is clinically proven to repair and strengthen damaged hair. 

What are bonds, and what is bond cure technology? We’re glad you asked. Hair is made up of different kinds of bonds that impact the strength and elasticity of our hair. These bonds are damaged daily, leading to hair looking dull, damaged, frizzy, and unmanageable! 

And as is the amika standard, this collection is suited for every hair type. Whether you’re someone with fine hair and lots of breakage or someone with damaged curls, this collection will help bring your hair back from its breaking point; check out how to incorporate these into your routine based on hair type below! 

what are some main ingredients in this collection and what makes them great?

Bond cure technology - targets the most abundant bonds in your hair. It is clinically proven to repair, strengthen, and prevent future damage for healthy looking and feeling hair! 

Plant Butters - mango butter extract (packed with omegas and vitamins A, C and E), borage oil (rich in Omega-6 fatty acid), and shea butter (loaded with vitamins, minerals, and five principle fatty acids).

Vegan Proteins - hydrolyzed quinoa made up of essential amino acids which can provide keratin-like benefits (keratin helps to smooth down the hair cuticle resulting in shinier, less frizzy, and stronger looking hair) from a plant source. 

Sea Buckthorn Berry - the signature ingredient found in all our products. This sustainable, fair trade, and organic oil is rich in vitamin C and A, antioxidants, and healthy omega fatty acids, including the essential Omega-7.

what products are in this collection and how do you add them into your routine?

the kure bond repair shampoo: Build a bond that lasts! This shampoo's luxe lather gently cleanses while working to repair, strengthen, and bring dry, damaged hair back from its breaking point. 

the kure bond repair conditioner: Let’s bond! This conditioner intensely hydrates while working to repair, strengthen, + bring dry, damaged hair back from its breaking point. 

the kure multi-task repair treatment: In need of damage control? Introducing…multi-task repair treatment! A fast-acting rinse-out mask that also doubles as a leave-in treatment. It works to strengthen your strands and repair damage in a mere 60 seconds. Clinically proven to result in 2.4x stronger* hair with 74% more repair* and 58% less breakage. And as its name suggests, this product really is a multi-tasker.  

*Compared to control after three uses, clinically tested  

P.S- for a limited time only, the kure multi-task repair treatment will come along with a sample of the new closer instant repair cream. Snag our newest launch with a free gift while you can! 

For fine hair types: After using the kure bond repair shampoo and conditioner, apply multi-task repair hair treatment from roots to ends. Leave on for at least 1 minute and rinse. 

For coarse hair types: After using the kure bond repair shampoo, apply multi-task repair hair treatment from roots to ends. Leave on for at least 1 minute and rinse. Follow with the kure bond repair conditioner. 

Hot tip: for stronger results, can be used as a leave in treatment. 

the closer instant repair cream: Make amends with your split ends! This 2-in-1 leave-in hair treatment and styling cream is a fresh trim in a bottle. Plus, it softens, smooths, and banishes frizz- like you just left the salon! 

the rescue team wash care set: Dry, damaged hair? Don’t worry, we have the kure. This rescue team consists of the kure bond repair shampoo, the kure bond repair conditioner, and multi-task repair treatment. Supercharged with ingredients like bond cure technology, plant butters, and vegan proteins, these 3 repair products rescue your strands and are clinically proven to repair damage, strengthen strands, and prevent breakage.

For more information on whether each of these is right for your hair, click on the product carousel below!

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rescue team wash + mask kure repair hair set | amika
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a real life example

 We asked our Product Marketing Manager, Carolyn Curry, to give you a glimpse into how she integrates our repair collection into her hair routine. 

wash and care

When I want a deeper cleanse than a co wash (my go to is nice cream cleansing conditioner!), the kure bond repair shampoo is my product of choice because it gives me that clean feeling without stripping any moisture. This is crucial because my 3C/4A curls are prone to dryness.  

Next comes the multi task repair treatment, which is basically a concentrated strengthening + repair serum for your hair! I use face serums every day, so why should my hair lose out? I especially reach for multi task before putting protective styles like braids, when straightening is on the horizon and I know it needs some TLC. After rinsing out shampoo, I squeeze some multi task into my palm and scrunch it up into my hair, one section at a time. A little goes a long way!  

Cue wait for 60 seconds while I sing a song in the shower  

Then, I rinse out multi task and move onto the kure bond repair conditioner! This conditioner is the perfect way to round out the strengthening and reparative benefits of the collection. I work it through my hair section by section with my Denman brush, let it sit for 2 minutes, and then rinse it all out!      

When my hair feels extra dry or tangled, instead of applying multi task and conditioner separately, I mix multi task repair treatment with soulfood nourishing mask in my palm and apply it as any other mask. Soulfood’s consistency and slip make it easier to detangle my hair, and cocktailing it with multi task lets me treat and deep condition all in one step!   


Next, onto styling! For my typical wash and go, I reach for the curl corps defining cream, which is a great leave in that conditions, defines, and encourages curl formation. After finger combing this cream through each section of hair, I apply curl corps defining gel, paying extra attention to the crown of my head (where flyaways are most visible!). The gel has a light hold that helps to lock in my curl’s shape, prevent frizz, and add shine!  

Now I’m ready to leave the shower! I get out my blow dryer and diffuser, flip my head upside down, and get to drying. I like to let my hair air dry for the last 20%, so once the dryer has done 80% of the work I stand up straight, tousle my curls around, and pick out the roots where needed to round out the shape! Curls poppin.  


If I ever need to refresh, I mix curl corps defining cream with some water to make a spray that revives my curls and gives them back their shape! 

We only make products that make us proud. We create highly effective haircare that has always been certified cruelty-free, formulated without sulfates, parabens, aluminum starch and over 1,300 questionable ingredients banned by the European Union.


Carlene Curry_

My niece has always known who she is. So she would definitely look for a product that would enhance her natural hair. Which I am proud that she has always embraced


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