phantom hydrating dry shampoo foam has been discontinued: here's what to use instead

model spraying perk up dry shampoo
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Jacqueline Aldana
community manager

Have you ever heard the saying ‘out with the old, in with the new’? Transparency has always been an integral part of our brand, which is why we wanted to let you know that phantom hydrating dry shampoo foam has been discontinued.

We know it’s hard when a fave gets discontinued, but we’ll do our best to provide alternative product(s) to use instead (they’re just as good, we promise!). Keep reading to meet your new hair bffs! 

(P.S. use promo code DISCO20 and get 20% off 1.5oz phantom hydrating dry shampoo foam!).

what is phantom hydrating dry shampoo foam?

A gentle cleansing foam that absorbs dirt and oil while hydrating the scalp.

what to use instead

We recommend using perk up dry shampoo to keep oil at bay and reset cleansing oil on wash days to give your scalp some love and hydration. (Pro Tip: perk up can lose its translucency on type 4 hair unless it’s relaxed. Instead, we recommend trying un.done volume and matte texture spray for light oil absorption and extra ‘oomph’.)

posted: 02/22/2022last modified: 02/23/2022