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Jacqueline Aldana
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we wouldn’t be amika without our salon roots and are always looking for ways to give back to the community that raised us. we teamed up with Beauty Changes Lives–a non-profit dedicated to empowering and equipping the next generation of beauty professionals–to launch the “Friend to Hair” scholarship program. this special program awards scholarships to cosmetology students who identify as BIPOC or LGBTQIA+. we’ve handpicked 6 aspiring stylists and are excited to introduce you to the lucky winners! drumroll please...

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meet the recipients

Joseph Alonzo

name: Joseph Alonzo (he/him/she/her)
based in: Palmdale, California
student at: American Beauty College
follow Joseph’s journey: @mimidelongpre_official

Daniel Lewis

name: Daniel Lewis (he/him)
based in: Dallas, Texas
student at: Aveda Institute
follow Daniel’s journey: @danieldeonscottlewis

getchine marcelus

name: Getchine Marcelus (she/her)
based in: New York City, New York
student at: Arrojo Academy
follow Getchine’s journey: @cockyretrospect

Joseph Alonzo

name: Calico Saxton (they/them)
based in: Toledo, Ohio
student at: The Salon Institute
follow Calico’s journey: @calicodoesbeauty

darrius wells

name: Darrius Wells (he/him)
based in: Medford, Oregon
student at: Northwest College School of Beauty
follow Darrius’ journey: @darriuswells

‘Friend to Hair’ scholarship program: round 2

amika’s thrilled to announce a second year of partnership with Beauty Changes Lives. this time around, we’re expanding our commitment even further to award 8 aspiring hair stylists or beauty professionals a full-ride scholarship to cosmetology school (up to $20,000 per winner).

“as a brand, we strive to cultivate a workplace where all hair and humans are truly welcome. having grown up in salons, we know how important stylists are in fulfilling this vision—they are our confidantes and our community. we are excited to be supporting the future of our industry through the second year of our ‘Friend to Hair’ stylist scholarship program," said Chelsea Riggs, amika CEO. “in 2024, we'll be deepening our impact by not only increasing the funding of our program to offer full ride scholarships, but also doubling down on relationship building with our winners and opportunities to integrate them into our highly engaged stylist community.”

“we are ecstatic to be entering our second year of partnership with amika. to have them not only recognize the potential in our industry, but to support the next generation is so powerful,” said Lynelle Lynch, Co-Founder and President of Beauty Changes Lives. ”This year, they are raising the stakes and offering the first-ever full-ride cosmetology scholarship through Beauty Changes Lives. we are proud to partner with amika and are excited to see the impact we can make together.”

to learn more about the 'Friend to Hair' program and enter to win a full-ride scholarship, visit this page for more information.

posted: 03/19/2024last modified: 03/19/2024