for the pros: how amika stylists use the wizard detangling primer

the wizard detangling primer in two sizes
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Becca King
Community Manager

Often when we speak to stylists and salon owners, they tell us that the wizard detangling primer is either their number one favorite product or how they got introduced to the brand. When it comes to this pro essential, it’s the multi-tasking for us...I mean, we call it “the wizard” for a reason. This all-in-one hair priming mist detangles and protects against thermal damage. Not to mention, this baby can be used in so many ways. We’ll let our educators (aka amika experts) show you how they use the wizard detangling primer.

wet looks

The wizard contains ingredients like Avocado Oil, which is full of protein, vitamin A, D, E, B6, amino acids, folic acid, and minerals that promote moisture and smoothing benefits, as well as Provitamin B5, which is an essential part of nutrition that can help promote moisture and shine. These clean ingredients focusing on shine make the perfect candidate for a product that can be used on “wet” looks. Apply the wizard detangling primer to dry hair to create a wet look that protects and moisturizes the hair. Ragnhild Zeiner-Lange, amika pro-educator in Norway, said, “Backstage at Copenhagen Fashion Week, the lead stylist sprayed extra wizard on the models before entering the catwalk to give an extra wet look. It looked so cool going down the runway.” 

dilute it!

This may sound a little strange, but the amazing stylists within our community that use this stuff (*cough cough* Faye Lenore) constantly have said that diluting the wizard detangling primer in a separate spray bottle gives them so many more ways to work with the product. Amanda Killen, amika Lead Pro Educator, said “I second what Faye does- I dilute it with water also. I use a fine mist bottle to spray hair prior to slide cutting or razor cutting. The wizard gives a little bit of slip without completely changing the volume or texture of the hair. I follow with a shampoo, but as a cutting aid, it works fantastically.“

remove extensions

Extension removal processes can be so hard, not only on your client’s hair and scalp, but also on your (the stylist’s) fingers and hands. Instead, opt for something with a lot of slip and moisturizing ingredients. Oh the wizard detangling primer.....MIND BLOWN. Hailee Kay, amika Pro Educator, said, “I use the wizard to remove tape in extensions! I used to use alcohol to remove the tape, but it was ruining my client’s hair. The avocado oil is super nourishing and easy to shampoo out for reapplication of the extensions!”

Do you have a unique way of using the wizard detangling primer? Drop us a comment below

posted: 02/12/2021last modified: 02/12/2021