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how to deeply moisturize your curls, coils + kinks 

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Jacqueline Aldana
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Welcome to our curly hair routine series! 

Textured hair needs 4 main things to thrive: styling, strengthening, plenty of hydration, and scalp-care. We've curated 4 hair routines that are sure to give your strands a healthy dose of TLC and get you ready for hot curl summer (see what we did there?).

There’s a reason this last curly hair routine has so many people talking. The LOC method (aka. the Leave-in, Oil, Cream method) provides some much-needed moisture to parched curls, coils, and kinks. Keep scrolling for the 411. 

why is the LOC method a key routine for curls, coils, and kinks?

Curls, coils, and kinks tend to be drier because scalp oils can’t easily travel down textured hair. Especially now that summer has wreaked havoc on hair (shout out to heat, UV rays, salt water, and chlorine), the LOC method has never been needed more.

what is the LOC method?

The LOC method is a styling technique used to hydrate hair and seal in moisture for bouncy, defined, healthy-looking curls and coils! Our newest curl fam member, power hour refreshing spray, is the perfect addition to this method to help rehydrate hair in between wash days.

LOC method products you'll need:

*clinically proven

the routine

Let us know in the comments which curly hair routine works best for you! 

posted: 08/06/2021last modified: 08/06/2021