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join amika in being a friend to the planet

As a friend to the planet, it’s important to us that we continue to make responsible choices that stay true to who we are as a brand. This includes partnering with Terracycle, launching refill pouches and NEW refillable bottles, transitioning our bottles to PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics, and more (check out all our initiatives here). We also know it’s important to make these responsible decisions all year round, not just during the month of April.  

We asked a few members of our community about the small ways they make sustainable choices in their lives and chatted about how “everything helps” (in the words of content crew member Shauna Carson). Keep reading for inspo on how you can create sustainable habits in your life!  

how Shauna Carson is a friend to the planet

What sustainable practices do you do when it comes to your hair products?  

I absolutely LOVE the refill pouches and use these to refill my shampoo and conditioner containers rather than repurchasing the smaller plastic bottles! [My] favorite way to upcycle my amika mask jars is by using them when I travel. I have so many empty ones! I will wash them, and then I can fill them up with my favorite products. This works so well for body lotion and sunscreen as I tend to take a larger amount of those products on trips with me. I've also used these jars to store my earrings when travelling as the hard shell of the jar ensures that they won't get damaged. I reuse my wizard spray bottles and fill them with my cleaning solution for cleaning my home! (I buy my all-purpose cleaner in bulk, so I add the solution to my empty wizard bottle along with water.) This is a perfect way to reuse these bottles! 


How do you live sustainably all year round?  

I do try my best to live a sustainable lifestyleI live by the motto "everything helps." My amika reusable water bottle helps me do this daily! My partner and I recycle, and ensure we travel with reusable bags everywhere we go to ensure that we don't need a plastic bag should we decide to pick something up. I'm also cognizant of my water usage and really try to limit the amount of time we leave it running for! We also love to buy in bulk for the same reason, and limit amount of plastic we bring into our home!”  


Do you have any favorite places to shop that are sustainable? If so, what are they? 

One of my ongoing goals is to become familiar with sustainable shops! I live in a smaller town and unfortunately, we don't have too many options out here, but this is something I will be doing some deep diving into. Until I find some more places to shop sustainably, I am focusing on limiting my purchases and staying away from overconsumption! This is something that is super easy to fall into in the world of beauty, and luckily something we can all control!”  

how Akilah Carry is a friend to the planet

What sustainable practices do you do when it comes to your hair products?  

I am a huge fan of the refillable container concept for my hair products. One of the main reasons is that it often costs less to refill my favorite products than to purchase a completely new container each time I need a refill. This way, I am not only contributing to the environment but also saving money in the process. 


How do you live sustainably all year round?  

Personally, I make it a point to practice the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) year-round. I'm always looking for ways to reduce my consumption, whether it's by cutting back on single-use plastics or being mindful of my energy usage. Another sustainable practice I incorporate into my daily routine is reusing items whenever possible. This includes everything from repurposing old clothes to using refillable containers for my beauty products. By finding new uses for items, we can extend their lifespan and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 


Do you have any favorite places to shop that are sustainable? If so, what are they? 

Thrifting is my guilty pleasure, and it's also an amazing way to practice sustainable fashion. There's nothing more sustainable than buying secondhand items—especially in today's climate, where vintage pieces are making a comeback and have become cooler and more nostalgic than ever. Thrifting isn't just sustainableit’s also a fun and unique way to express your personal style. You can find one-of-a-kind pieces that you won't see anyone else wearing, and you can mix and match them with new items to create a look that's all your own.”  

how Felice Reyes is a friend to the planet

What sustainable practices do you do when it comes to your hair products? 

I signed up for amika’s terracycle program and I am waiting to collect enough to send a big box. My goal is to save enough to send one or two times a year. Right now, I am having it sit on a shelf in my shower looking pretty. In addition, I am getting the liter-sized bottles to keep from having to replenish so quickly. I also reuse by buying the refill pouches. 


How do you live sustainably all year round?  

My main practice toward a more sustainable lifestyle is that I choose products that are reusable vs. disposable products. I have recently started using reusable baggies, makeup products that are refillable, and opted for other packaging that is reusable. In addition, I have been trying to support more sustainable brands.”  


Do you have any favorite places to shop that are sustainable? If so, what are they? 

I have a couple: brightly is great for home, beauty, and lifestyle. I have been using their reusable baggies to keep my food fresh. Their reusable bowl covers help keep my food fresh without having to waste on foil or plastic wrap. The lush store is also fun and interactive! I love that lush has created a long-term goal for sustainability and has been practicing actions to a better planet for a long time. Other brands that I like are amika, Credo, and Trestique. 

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