new! pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment: our first salon-only service

smooth over pro frizz fighting treatment
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Jacqueline Aldana
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toxic treatments, greasy oils, and freezing showers—oh my! we’ve tried just about every trick in the book to reduce frizz and were left feeling a little weighed down. we’re thrilled to share that the trial-and-error stops here: amika’s redefining what it means to fight frizz with our first-ever, salon-only service.

smooth over frizz fighting treatment before and after usage

calling our friends with unwanted frizz! we have a smoothing service that’s perfect for your hair type (trust). ask your stylist about our NEW pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment, an intensive smoothing service that reduces frizz for 6-7 weeks.* you read that right: 6-7 weeks* of I-woke-up-like-this smoothness, softness, and shine.

here’s where things really get cool: remember those toxic treatments we mentioned? sure, they’ll smooth your strands—but they may also alter your natural hair pattern. for curly, coily, and wavy types, that means twists stretched beyond recognition. the pros behind this service recognized that smooth shouldn’t only mean straight, so they developed different sets of directions to help stylists tailor the treatment to your unique type and texture. the results? your hair, only smoother!

*based on an 8-week consumer studies of 30 participants.

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no frizz. no nasties.

friends don’t let friends damage their strands...or their skin, eyes, or lungs (yikes). that’s why pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment is doing smooth differently with vegan ingredients and absolutely no nasties or harsh smell — we’re looking at you, formaldehyde.

smooth over pro frizz fighting treatment

get to know some of our smoothing superstars

glyoxylic acid: an organic acid compound that restructures keratin in the hair cortex to smooth while increasing shine and manageability for all hair types. when heat is applied to the hair, glyoxylic acid creates a hydrophobic barrier—think of it like a raincoat for your strands—temporarily blocking humidity for the smoothest results. ​

water lily extract: contains keratin-building tannins to help smooth the cuticle while defrizzing strands to improve manageability.

sea buckthorn: our signature superfruit ingredient that’s loaded with vitamin C, A, fatty acid omega 7 and antioxidants making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for hair and scalp.

book your pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

ready to play it smooth? amika stylists are closer than you think! check out our locator tool to find a salon near you offering our pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment. your personalized service includes a charcoal-powered priming shampoo to prep and clarify your strands, an intensive smoothing treatment for instant and long-lasting frizz reduction, plus a glossy blowout! 

smooth over frizz fighting treatment and smooth over pro

choose your smooth

not ready for that kind of commitment? no worries, we have smooth over frizz-fighting mask for that. our new in-shower smoothing treatment instantly reduces frizz by 73%—even in high humidity—for 2.2x smoother hair that lasts up to 72 hours.** that’s not all: it accomplishes all of that in just 60 seconds!

**clinically proven, after one use.

posted: 03/14/2024last modified: 03/14/2024