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Becca King
Community Manager

Here at amika, we are a friend to all. A friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, you and them. We create products to solve your hair concerns. Our assortment includes 10 collections that cater to every type of hair – no matter ethnicity, age or gender. All hair is welcome. To help you get to know our products a little better, we are starting a series on The Strand where we highlight a selection of our 10 collections- who they are for, how to fit these products into your routine, and what results you can expect. We’re hoping to shed a little more light on how to pick products that best suit your hair type. But don’t forget, never be afraid to mix and match collections for your specific needs and concerns! All right, here we go!

who is this collection for?

Do you find that it is very hard for your hair to hold style? Does your hair tend to fall flat throughout the day? Do you crave that undone, “I was just at the beach”, look? Seek no more. Our texture collection has you covered. Not only does this collection feature amazing styling products for an undone look, but this collection also has a secret weapon; a shampoo, for our texture fiends. Keep reading to see which products are right for you to incorporate into your current hair routine.

what are some main ingredients in this collection and what makes them great?

Zeolite – this negatively-charged mineral fights frizz, detoxifies hair and builds long-lasting volume and texture

Silica – absorbs moisture and sebum to give hair matte volume

Sodium Hyaluronate – a derivative of hyaluronic acid, provides deep hydration to balance the lost moisture from texturizers

Kaolin Clay – a rich, mineral clay derived from sedimentary rocks. Has extraordinary oil absorbing abilities to thoroughly cleanse dirt and absorb excess oil and impurities

Rice Starches – provide exceptional oil absorbing properties to absorb dirt, oils and add volume + texture to hair

*please note, not all ingredients listed are in every single texture collection product

what products are in this collection and how do you add them into your routine?

  • Un.done volume and matte texture spray: For instant volume and perfectly-imperfect texture, this spray is sexy-in-a-bottle. Our stylist friends can’t get enough of this stuff. It can be used on all hair types, even curly or coily hair types. If you like the “messy” or undone look, spritz this onto any style for that bed-head feel. Make sure to fluff hair to achieve the desired shape and style. If you find it hard for your hair to hold any style, make sure to apply this spray as your finishing touch. Spray from 8 inches away and tousle to your heart’s desire!
  • Bushwick beach no-salt wave spray: The closest you’ll get to replicating that effortless après beach look, while summer-ing in the city. This non-drying, multi-phase texture spray instantly delivers piecey, wind-swept beach waves with body, grit and a touch of hold and shine. For best results, make sure to shake the bottle thoroughly. Then, start by applying a very small amount to palms and distribute through damp hair. Less is more with this baby!
  • High tide deep waver: Beach waves made INSANELY easy. If you struggle to create s-waves with a flat iron, this is your new BFF. Instantly create flawless beach waves with our exclusive design that allows for crease-free waves on all hair types and textures. It was even an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner in 2019.
  • Sexture beach look shampoo: Create the undone look as soon as you step into the shower with this texturizing shampoo. The result is a next level bedhead, full of body, volume and texture without drying. You can go ahead and skip the conditioner on this one for maximum benefits. This shampoo preps your hair and routine for the ultimate undone look. Also great for those who find their hair does not hold style. However, if you have dry ends, try adding a styling cream to finish.
  • Haute mess texture gloss: A versatile gel that creates fuller, sexier hair with the precise amount of texture and mess. Another hair stylist fave! It can truly be used in so many ways. This can be used on damp hair before drying for ultimate volume, is great for braiding, tames flyaways on finished styles, and can be used for all your slicked back looks.
  • Got grit dry texture paste: This dry shampoo/styling paste hybrid gives ultimate 2nd day texture to hair, while absorbing oil + volumizing roots. Zeolite and pliable hold polymers enhance piecey-ness and add body for a gritty, defined look. Think of this as the result of perk up dry shampoo and un.done volume + matte texture spray having a baby.

a real life example

We asked one of our team members, Nina Haines; influencer coordinator, to give you a glimpse into how she integrates our texture collection into her hair routine to support her new found love for voluminous, textured waves.

“Growing up, I always believed that I had pin straight hair. It took until working at amika to realize that I was just using the wrong products. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I was using drugstore shampoo + conditioner for my entire life up until discovering amika. Little did I know this severely weighed down my fine hair and did nothing for giving me texture. I’ve always been low maintenance when it comes to my hair (to make up for the fact that I’m high maintenance in every other aspect of my life) so I didn’t even own any texture styling products either. I really was a lost soul a few years ago… and that’s on personal growth!!

My hair regimen now is still low maintenance (for me at least), it just incorporates a few more styling products to enhance my newfound natural wavy texture.

Nina Haines - influencer coordinator

My current wash + style regimen differs day to day depending on how my hair is feeling. Of course I’ll try and extend the days between washes as much as I can with perk up dry shampoo (I’m finding it’s can be a lot more days now that we’re in quarantine and not seeing anyone). Below are some amika product cocktails for how I take care of my hair:

Scenario 1: My hair is feeling dry, dull + like it needs TLC à normcore signature shampoo + flash instant shine mask. Normcore is so rich in vitamins and nourishing ingredients, I don’t feel the need to follow with a thick conditioner, so I’ll substitute flash instant shine mask. I always let my hair air dry, and while it’s damp I’ll mix supernova moisture and shine cream and bushwick beach no-salt wave spray in the palm of my hand + scrunch it into my hair.

Scenario 2: My hair is feeling like it’s entirely made up of dry shampoo à reset pink charcoal scalp cleansing oil, reset clarifying gel shampoo + reset cooling gel conditioner. This leaves my scalp feeling minty + fresh, because scalp is skin too! To keep some volume + grit in my hair, I’ll add some volume and matte texture spray once my hair is dry.

Scenario 3: I want ultimate volume + texture à sexture beach look shampoo. No conditioner needed! This stuff is magic!! I love the way my hair looks coming out of the ocean, and this product gives me exactly that. If I really want my hair to even more super wavy + tousled, I’ll do the same supernova moisture and shine cream + bushwick beach no-salt wave spray product cocktail and scrunch that in.

When my hair is tousled, textured and wavy, it makes me feel like the best version of myself, which is all that I want when I’m cooped up at home right now. What does your hair look like when you feel like the best version of yourself?”

We only make products that make us proud. We create highly effective haircare that has always been certified cruelty-free, formulated without sulfates, parabens, aluminum starch and over 1,300 questionable ingredients banned by the European Union.

Have any questions regarding your specific hair type? Make sure to check out ACE, our personalized hair quiz on that will give you the run-down on what products to use for your specific hair type, hair concerns, and lifestyle.

By Becca King, community manager

posted: 05/28/2020last modified: 05/28/2020