the 10 perks of perk up dry shampoo

perk up dry shampoo
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Jacqueline Aldana
community manager

Those of you who are familiar with amika may know that our first break-out product was perk up dry shampoo. Since it launched 10 years ago, it has racked up over 100,000 5-star reviews* (and counting) and has become a true staple to many top shelfies. In honor of its 10-year anniversary, we’ve created a limited-edition jumbo size perk up dry shampoo. Not only that, we wanted to celebrate all the reasons to love it…10 reasons to be exact (see what we did there?).

So without further ado, we give you…the 10 perks of perk up. 

so fresh, so clean

Perk up dry shampoo is a miracle worker in between wash days.​ ​It gives your hair that freshly-washed look that most people can only get from their shampoo.

restores volume

Say goodbye to roots weighed down by oil – perk up brings flat hair back to life, and provides voluminous oomph without feeling gritty. 

no white residue

The talc-free formula leaves behind no white residue!


In addition to no white residue, it doesn’t leave you with a stiff, powdery, or ‘dry shampoo head’ finish.​ ​

no build-up

Perk up is layerable for days with no itch or gunk, which means you can use it multiple days in a row. 

natural rice starch

We ditched the standard aluminum starch for natural rice starch to absorb oil. In fact, after one use, 96%* agreed that perk up absorbs hair oil.

*based on consumer testing of 30 participants

clean formula

Made with super stuff only like sea buckthorn and natural rice starch, perk up dry shampoo is gentle on strands.​ ​

nutrient-rich sea buckthorn

Infused with our signature ingredient, sea buckthorn, perk up helps keep your hair nourished​. ​

heavenly scent

One thing we constantly hear, is that it leaves hair smelling amazing. Feel free to swap out your perfume for perk up dry shampoo…it smells that good.​ 

perk up for all

Perk up works for all hair types! Just shake, spray, and repeat! 

If you love perk up dry shampoo, shop the jumbo size now! 

posted: 03/03/2022last modified: 03/03/2022