fluxus touchable hairspray, perk up dry shampoo, and un.done volume and matte texture spray

evaluate energy usage + resources

as a crucial stepping stone towards Net Zero, we're taking a look at our water usage, ingredients + energy usage.
person washing hands at sink

limiting our water usage

taking a look at our fill production process this year, we pledge to reduce + reuse water in our supply chain. we've already started to take measures in our Warehouse and Home office to reduce water, like installing low flow toilets. additionally, we pledge to help offset Water Trust Mill Creek. Mill Creek is a major wetland habitat for migratory birds and salmon in Northern California. it regularly goes dry during summer months, so we're helping The Nature Conservancy restore and protect in stream flows.
sea buckthorn berry ingredient spotlight

sustainably sourced sea buckthorn

our products are already filled with super stuff only, so we're taking it one step further. to make the most initial impact, we started with sea buckthorn, our signature ingredient (which is in every product). to source sea buckthorn, we are proudly working with a certified organic, fair trade farm located in the Tibetan Plateau that promotes more sustainable harvesting and offers environmental protection measures. this ensures that every drop is as pure and powerful as possible, while helping to protect and restore the environment and the local community.
solar panels

decreasing + offsetting our energy usage

we are actively striving to reduce energy usage through our warehouse systems + production processes. in addition to taking necessary energy efficiency measures like installing solar panels covering the roof of our warehouse, we have also installed an improved (and energy saving!) HVAC system. to offset our energy usage, we have partnered with CE bright futures, an education program that helps communities build a clean energy plan.
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