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What is HairToStay? Who are they?

HairToStay is a charity organization committed to raising awareness and funds for scalp cooling technology. Founded by survivors Bethany Hornthal and Patsy Graham in 2016, HairToStay has raised over $1M and has awarded subsidies to over 600 patients nationally so far. HairToStay understands that having cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is an incredibly difficult and painful process and losing your hair can make it feel even worse. Both Bethany and Patsy had heard of the science of scalp cooling and wanted to make it available for anyone going through chemo. However, cool caps have yet to be fully cleared by the FDA, which can be incredibly expensive, thus, HairToStay was born.

So, what is scalp cooling?

By cooling the scalp during chemotherapy, hair loss could be prevented by impacting two cellular processes:  

- The blood flow to hair follicle cells is reduced, exposing them to less chemotherapy medications

- Chemo medication effects are reduced due to the slowing of the cellular metabolism.

Why is amika working with HairToStay?

Hair cooling technology is the future of chemotherapy hair loss prevention. We want it to be available to anyone, but that requires FDA approval, which is costly. HairToStay and amika both want to help women avoid the discomfort and loss of confidence that hair loss through chemotherapy may bring. Cancer is hard enough. Your hair should stay with you through it.

“Keeping my hair allowed me to/made me feel like myself, and confident that I would get through the ordeal.” – Gail Hernandez

What does amika do for HairToStay?

1% of all sales on our website will be donated to HairToStay, forever!

Want to help?

You have the power to raise awareness of scalp cooling while you shop! At checkout, you have the option to choose between a $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00 donation to HairToStay to be added to your order.

I’m a salon owner/stylist. How can I help?

That’s great! Amika affiliate salon owners and stylists can host HairToStay Salon-a-thons! These are fundraising campaigns designed specifically for the haircare industry. You can help to raise the money needed to help women and men undergoing chemo avoid the heartbreaking experience of a ‘chemo cut’.

Start by signing up to host a Salon-a-Thon. This can be done on the HairToStay website, ( HairToStay will provide you with links to informational videos about scalp cooling, and give you content for client emails as well as social media posts to promote your Salon-a-Thon! It’s up to you to decide how much of the proceeds to donate, giving you flexibility and control of the event in your salon.

HairToStay Salon-a-Thons are unique to each salon. There are a few ways you can participate.

Donate the proceeds from a day of service and product sales Donate tips from the day Pledge a percentage of service and product sales for a period of time

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